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Michael Christian Woods
DC Mayor 2018

Houston City Council - Amanda Edwards - Always empowering the teens!
Cassidy, Macqueline, Michael-Princeton, J-Mac, Jazzy

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee
23rd Annual Toys for the Kids Holiday Party

              Princeton & Cassidy Jones   Blue and Silver Ball 2017   Senior Board

39th National NAACP ACT-SO Baltimore, MD 

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee
22nd Annual Toys for the Kids Holiday Party


On my way to

The George Washington University

Class of 2020 2018

D.C. here I come!


Harvard Summer School

My Computer Science Professor taught 

Bill Gates.

Beyonce-"I might just be the Black Bill Gates in the making!"

Top Teen of the Year 2016-HIC

Michael-Princeton -2nd Place

Michael-Christian -1st Place

Top Teen of the Year 2015- HIC
Michael-Christian -2nd Place
Lady Barbara Fields
Michael-Princeton -1st Place

Top Teens of America, Area 1 Conference, Fort Worth, Texas 2016


1st Place

Ruth Payne Smith Speakers Tournament

Advisor Lady Sheila Maddox


2nd Place

Willie Lee Glass Scholarship

President Lady Barbara Smith  Advisor Lady Sheila Maddox

TV Station CW50 in Detroit is SWAG 4 LIFE! 
swAg segment @ 6.29 minutes, aired 1/16/16

Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. 
Black Heritage Society - Children's Parade

Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee is SWAG 4 LIFE! See page 96.

United States House of Representatives

18th Congressional District of Texas

Toys for the Kids


Congresswoman Sheila Jackson-Lee


                                                                    Blue and Silver Ball 

          Michael-Christian                                           2015                         Victoria Harris-Former Miss Top Teen

          Michael-Princeton                                 Michael-Christian              Michael-Mr.Top Teen 1st Runner-Up   

Fun at the Festival!
National Black Book Festival 2015

Fine Arts Banquet 2016


Mr. Turner


John Philip Sousa Band Award

Fine Arts Banquet - 2015

Michael-Christian - Trumpet

Mr. Turner - Band Director

Michael-Princeton - Drummer

ACT-SO - Academic, Cultural, Technological, and Scientific Olympics - 2015, 2016
NAACP Houston Branch

Michael-Christian - Silver Medal - Oratory

The Scholars

Michael-Christian - AP Spanish- Arete

Jensen - AP History - Arete

Aaron - Bible - Highest Grade

Homecoming Court October 2015

Nominees for Most Representative

Michael-Christian, Katherine, Aaron 

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner with Michael-Princeton

A most admirable Public Servant!

The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly of Government!

Top Teens of America


Area 1

First Place



First Place